The Democracy Project

Democracy Project


What is the Democracy Project?


At the start of the school year, children from years 5 and 6 voted for a class representative. These children are:

 Daisy Stretch (Y5 Oberon)               Courtney Minshull ( Y6 Triton)           Archie Jones (Y6 Hyperion)          Archie Jones (Y5 Titania)

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In previous years, the children elected have been able to meet up with children from other schools in the BEV consortium to discuss issues they feel are important. There, they engage debates which sometimes involve them arguing for or against an opinion that they might not necessarily agree with. This has given the children involved the opportunity to develop their speaking and listening skills as they learn to formulate strong points to support the views they are arguing for or against. Due to the pandemic, many of the debates have happened remotely (when technology allows!)

Our last debate took place on Friday 11th February where the topics for discussion were:


Should homework be scrapped and replaced with a longer school day?

Should school uniforms be scrapped?


Dee Point children came up with several good talking points for each subject, and were polite in respecting others’ opinions as they were voiced. Our children said that the current Dee Point model of extending the school day to give targeted learning for subjects was the best idea, as it allowed pupils to have access to technology, stationery, equipment and experienced teachers which they would not have access to at home. When a vote was taken amongst all the schools participating, it was agreed that an extension to the school day was the best way forward.

The debate regarding school uniforms is one that comes up regularly and each of the pupils involved offered some interesting points both for and against wearing one. Dee Point children felt that a uniform was a good idea to ensure all children could feel equal and not be pressured into wearing designer or expensive clothes. When a vote was taken regarding this subject, the idea of a dress code (where limits were placed on the colour/type of clothing were agreed) so children were still free to express themselves to some degree with the style of clothing they wore.

As Covid restrictions are relaxed, it is hoped that the next meeting of the Democracy Project, which is scheduled to be regarding if schools should operate on a 4 day week, will happen in person at Dee Point on Friday 25th March.



Last Friday, 25th March, our democracy representatives met up with other pupils from the BEV consortium to take part in the latest debate.

The children went to JH Godwin for the afternoon and met with pupils from The Arches, Highfield and JH Godwin to discuss the proposed topic - whether or not schools should operate on a four day week.

dempro 1.jpg

The delegates put forward some interesting points both for and against the proposal.

dempro 2.jpg                                                                                                     dempro 3.jpg

Arguments for were points such as:

  • Spending more time away from family will improve mental health as more time can be spent doing activities chosen by children themselves.
  • Attending for only four days will allow children to be more attentive and refreshed and so will allow for more learning to "stick" in memories.
  • Closing the school for one day a week could mean the school saves money on utilities and wages which might be used towards other school resources or for learning outside the classroom.

Arguments against the suggestion included:

  • Many children thrive with the routine and structure provided by school and without this, they (and their education) will suffer, especially aftetr the time spent away from school during the pandemic.
  • Families who rely on free school meals may be impacted by the cost of providing additional food at home, particularly at a time when general costs are rising.
  • School staff may be impacted by any decrease in salary that a reduction in hours might bring.

All pupils listened to each other's points respectfully and with interest and it was a very even debate. The motion was put to the vote and the result was very close, with 8 votes in favour of reducing to 4 days, and 6 votes against.

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