Handwriting and Spelling


Pre- joiners

EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Resource Provision will be taught letter formation in line with Read Write Inc. phrasing, moving onto pre-cursive in year 1. When explicitly teaching handwriting, children will need to be taught letters in ‘families’:


letter families



Children ready to join, from Year 2 –Year 6, will be taught letter formation using cursive. 

Presentation of children’s work and editing:

  • Children will need to write from the margin to the edge of the page.
  • Pencil or black ink to be used by pupils for their writing.
  • Any corrections are to be crossed out with one line using a ruler.
  • … Three dots are used underneath a word to show that they are unsure spelling.
  • Purple Polishing Pen used to show editing, peer editing and response to step ups. To provide clarity for moderation and assessment purposes, year 6 staff may ask children to edit independently in pencil and respond to feedback in purple to distinguish independent editing from teacher-guided amendments


Spelling is first introduced through our phonic sessions from Nursery to Year 1, Please see the phonics tab for more information. As the children progress into Year 2 they will continue to use their phonics to spell but will also have stand alone spelling lessons to learn spelling rules approriate for Year 2. 

In KS2 we use Read Write Inc Spelling to teach daily spelling lessons for up to 15 minutes. The programme follows the national currciulum but allows children to apply their phonics knowledge alongside taught spelling rules. It follows a systematic approach of teaching the rule, using sound buttons to spell the words, investigate the rule and use interactive activities to spell words. There will also be opportinties for dictation within spelling lessons. 

Spelling in KS2 is assessed through writing and through end of year SPAG assessments. The children are encouraged to use tier 2 words (statutory spelling words for their year group) where appropriate in their writing..


For the expected spelling words for each group please see the attached files.

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