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At Dee Point Primary School, we hope to develop logical reasoning and problem-solving skills, as well as a love of mathematics in our children. Our Maths Curriculum is based on national expectations and uses key resources and guidance from White Rose and the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM). We want each child to apply their mathematical skills into everyday situations and strive to promote these skills through other curriculum areas. In our school, children should feel confident and excited by maths and appreciate that it exists in all areas of life and learning.

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At Dee Point Primary School, our Maths Curriculum intends to:

  • To equip children with the skills to become fluent in the foundations of number
  • To develop conceptual understanding and the ability to recall key information quickly and accurately
  • To provide opportunities to reason and problem-solve in mathematical situations
  • To take children on a logical journey through maths concepts by building upon prior learning and encouraging them to spot patterns, links, and connections

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Our implementation describes the way in which we deliver our intent consistently each day.

We aim to implement our intent by:

  • Have inspiring curriculum leadership and ownership, that coaches and supports all members of our teaching team to improve practise and ensure high-quality teaching and learning
  • Have a clear progression of knowledge and skill throughout all key stages that supports full curriculum coverage and prepares children to move on with their learning each academic year
  • Ensure that there is a balance between group, paired, and independent work for all children, regardless of their ability
  • Reinforce key concepts through concrete, pictorial, and abstract challenges in all areas of the maths curriculum
  • Use skillful and targeted questioning to encourage children to deepen their understanding of what they are learning
  • Focus on fluency, with regular opportunities to revisit and apply these skills to broader problems and challenges
  • Deliver inspiring and engaging lessons to promote a love of maths and confidence in their own abilities
  • Ensure rigorous assessment (summative and formative) to inform interventions and planning

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Because learning is a change to long-term memory, we understand that impact needs to be assessed regularly and frequently over the long term. At Dee Point, children are assessed during every lesson, and at key points throughout their learning journey.

The impact of our curriculum can be seen when:

  • Children speak positively about their experiences in maths lessons and can explain how they have improved with the support they have been given
  • Children of all abilities achieve well given their starting points
  • Children are well-prepared for their next steps in life
  • Children's trajectory continues to be positive year-on-year
  • Children feel confident in tackling a wide-range of problems and are keen to contribute in lessons to demonstrate their understanding
  • Parents know exactly what their children are learning through conversations with their children and teachers
  • Teachers can pinpoint areas of strength and weakness in each lesson and work on ways to ensure lessons have maximum impact on progress
  • Teachers speak positively about their experiences with subject leaders and can explain how they have improved with the support they have been given
  • Teachers are inspired to deliver engaging maths lessons and are willing to take risks to enrich children's mathematical experiences

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