At Dee Point Primary School, we strive to guide our pupils to become skilled and accomplished historians. Our History Curriculum is designed to be ambitious, inspiring and purposeful. We want each child to understand the link between past and present, and how our lives have been shaped by the events in the past. We want to engage the children in a curriculum that will develop their cultural capital, their knowledge of the world around them and develop a sense of identity.

At Dee Point Primary School our History Curriculum intends to:

  • Have a high quality history curriculum, with breadth and depth, that inspires a curiosity and fascination about Britain’s past and that of the wider world
  • Ensure children have a secure understanding of chronology
  • Enable children to link cause and effect from periods in time to the present day
  • Make links and connections within and across the time periods studied
  • Focus on historical enquiry to encourage children to become analytical, independent thinkers
  • Revisit core skills where necessary to gain secure long-term knowledge
  • Provide children with opportunities to practice what they know so understanding is deepened
  • Be progressive and reflect the changing needs of pupils
  • Have clear purpose in assessment across our school in History
  • Provide children with local, national and international History knowledge.

Please use this link to access our History Curriculum! Here you will find our enquiry questions, the knowledge we are learning and the different disciplinary concepts we are using in our work!

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