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At Dee Point, we recognise that technology is evolving all the time. We therefore strive to exploit the opportunities that technology brings to engage children as well as ensuring they are well equipped for a digital future.


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We want our children to become independent users of technology, allowing them to utilise a range of devices leading them to enhanced career opportunities.

We want children to use technology throughout the curriculum enhancing every subject.

We want  our children  to develop creativity, resilience and problem-solving and critical thinking skills through our computer science sessions.


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Our curriculum is made up of 3 categories: Computer Science, Digital Literacy and Information Technology

In  KS1, children are taught to use equipment and software confidently and purposefully through a range of online and offline sessions. They are taught to communicate and handle information through a variety of programs  to support their problem solving, recording and expressive skills.

In KS2, our children extend their use of computer science by using a variety of coding activities including Code Studio, coding through a variety of apps and coding and programming physical robots. Our planned curriculum for digital literacy, that includes online safety, is broad in covering a range of issues. 


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By the end of their school career pupils at Dee Point Primary school will be able to:

Be confident in using a variety of devices and software to communicate, create and research.

Confidently talk about the dangers of the internet and the way they can protect themselves. This will include knowing when to trust information online as well as how to keep their data and digital wellbeing safe.

Use their problem solving skills to create and adapt coding. This will include creating algorithms for design, physical robots and online avatars. 

To help us create videos in school we use VSDC video editor which can be found here 

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