Maths - Autumn



This term, our focus is going to be heavily based around securing our understanding of how two digit numbers are made. 

We will be exploring how many tens and ones are within numbers, partitioning these and writing the correct numbers to match. We will also be looking at counting on from any number within 100. To do this we will be exploring the patterns within the number system. 

Numbots is an absolutely fantastic resource that we have purchased to support your child's understanding and fluency to recall number facts. It is a fun and interactive game that your child can play at home. The children will have access to this each day in our Maths lessons and every week we are going to be looking at who has scored the most points and can be our Numbot champion. If they are playing at home too, then they will be able to earn more points. Numbots is the one thing I'd ask you to do to support your child's understanding at home. They will love it too! If you do not know your child's login details, then please just let me know. 

Underneath I have incuded 2 links to some great maths games you can play at home. Simply click on the pictures and enjoy!

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